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Hemp in Italy: Law, Research and Industry

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The Comprehensive Hemp Bundle
Federal Law |  International Law |  International Webinar |  Hemp |  Hemp Law
Giacomo Bulleri |  Lorenza Romanese |  Sergio Martines |  Cinzia Citti
1 Hour 10 Minutes
Audio and Video
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In Italy, 242/2016 came into force 4 years ago, the hemp sector in Italy has experienced an important development. Between laws and decrees and, above all, between judgments and interpretations of the competent authorities, we will try to outline the current regulatory framework of hemp in Italy. But above all, the voices of some excellent Italian experiences in the sector of research and industry will be heard. They will speak about the discovery of new cannabinoids and about the construction of the largest extraction plant in Europe. Finally, an evaluation of the European perspectives and the expected repercussions on Italy.



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Giacomo Bulleri's Profile

Giacomo Bulleri Related Seminars and Products


Studio Legale Bulleri

Lawyer expert in the field of hemp and regulation. He participated in the legislative process of Law Nr. 242/2016 and coordinated the work on the guidelines for hemp flower and hemp for extraction adopted by Agrinsieme and Federcanapa.

He's senior advisor for Federcanapa and member of the EIHA advisory committee; author of opinions and articles published in legal journals. He participated in conferences in Italy and abroad.

Lorenza Romanese's Profile

Lorenza Romanese Related Seminars and Products

Managing Director

European Industrial Hemp Association

Lorenza is the Managing Director of European Industrial Hemp Association. Based in EIHA’s Brussels office, Lorenza is a veteran policy advisorand communication manager at the European level. She has led EIHA’s efforts in Brussels since February 2019, having worked with a number of MEPs to propose reforms affecting hemp in the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy. Lorenza previously advised interests in the oil and gas sector and led the European Association of independent Winegrowers

Sergio Martines's Profile

Sergio Martines Related Seminars and Products

CEO of Canapar


Extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical licensing. Deep knowledge in the development and commercialization of consumer products in the emerging markets for 30 years.

This is Sergio Martines, CEO of Canapar, also founder and CEO of Naturale Science Inc. and ex CEO of NSP Pharma Corp.

Cinzia Citti's Profile

Cinzia Citti Related Seminars and Products

Institute of Nanotechnology of the National Council of Research

Cinzia is a senior post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Nanotechnology of the National Council of Research based in Lecce; she is currently working on a project for the characterization of the phytocannabinoid fingerprinting of different cannabis varieties by means of high-performance liquid chromatography techniques coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry. Her contribution to the knowledge of cannabis chemistry is evidenced by the recent discovery of new classes of phytocannabinoids.



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