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An Overview of Spain's Cannabis Medical Licenses, Clubs and More

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Administrative Law |  Litigation |  Regulation law |  Webinar with CLE credit
Kai-Friedrich Niermann |  Guillermo Fernández Navarro
59 Minutes
Audio and Video
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The recreational cannabis industry has emerged in Spain, and with it comes a variety of opportunities and challenges.  During this presentation, we will explore the process to get cultivation licenses for medical cannabis producers, leading products in the market, the social impacts of cannabis clubs, and the realities of the hemp market. 

Please come with your questions as we explore the behind-the-scenes intricacies of Spains cannabis market.



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Kai-Friedrich Niermann's Profile

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Kai is characterized by his outstanding expertise and diverse practice in the cannabis industry. With a broad range of expertise in cannabis and business law, he provides comprehensive legal support to companies and individuals.

From contract drafting and company formation to day-to-day legal support, he assists cannabis companies with customized solutions in all legal matters, including white collar criminal law where necessary.

Kai is also the author of the blog, where he positions himself as an expert in the thriving cannabis business. not only provides insights into the legal status of cannabis in Germany and Europe today, but also current developments and offers resources for businesses and interested parties.

His work spans all aspects of the cannabis industry, from advising companies on cultivation licenses and production regulations to assisting with regulatory issues in product development. His deep understanding of the complex legal framework in this sector makes him a sought-after contact.

Kai and his law firm KFN+ advise large CBD and medical cannabis companies, as well as companies and associations interested in the emerging recreational cannabis market. He is also advisor to the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), which has submitted a joint application to the EU Commission for authorization as a novel food for various CBD products.

With an international perspective, Kai operates not only nationally, but also across borders. His network in the industry enables him to support companies in their global activities and adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing legal landscape.

Kai regularly speaks at international cannabis conferences on topics related to the German and European legal framework for cannabis, and publishes articles at Krautinvest, BusinessCann and in law journals.

Born in Löhne/Westf. in 1972, studied law at the Universities of Marburg, Adelaide (Australia), Cologne, legal assistant at the press center of the German Bundestag (2000-2002), worked for the Berlin District Court, for the Director of Public Prosecution in Berlin, for the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Hong Kong Consulate General.

Areas of Law:

  • Legal Cannabis Consulting
  • Regulatory approvals for medical cannabis and CBD
  • Business law (company, commercial and contract law) 
  • Law of torts
  • Criminal business law


Guillermo Fernández Navarro's Profile

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"Founder and CEO of the law office S&F Abogados, Madrid, spain, who laywer specialize in the cannabis industry in Spain. Guillermo is a criminal defense attorney, who has been defending cannabis growers/producers, cannabis clubs, grow shops and Banks of seeds, for more than 10º years. He also is legal consultant and adviser to specific bussines focused on CBD and THC products sales in Spain and Europe. Addictionally, he provides legal advice to bussines, which specialize in growing hemp then distributing and selling to specific Europen markets.
Advises international companies interested in obtaining a license from the Spanish Medical Agency for grow medical cannabis whit THC and those who are interesting in applying for a license to the Spanish Medical Agency for CBD or THC extraccion.
In addiction, work on political advocacy at the national level, cooperating whit various organizations and grassroots committees which promote the reacreational and medical use of cannabis."



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